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Land Use Home Page

The materials in this web page are written for specifics of planning and land use practices and law in Michigan.
This page is recently revised ( February 26, 2016 ): Please click your refresh button to be sure the changes show up.

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This Land Use Page is broken down as follows:

" Thirty seven million acres 
is all the Michigan 
we will ever have."  
former Governor William G. Milliken.
Land Use Programs
Land Use Programs  
MSU Extension has a long list of training programs on land use.  A listing of those programs is available
Land Use Pamphlets
 Land Use Series flyer
Land Use Pamphlets  
MSU Extension has developed pamphlets on various land use topics.  Those pamphlets are listed, along with a summary of content.  Many of the pamphlets can be downloaded as PDF files from this part of this web site.

Schedule of Programs

A calendar of current education program offerings.

Citizen Education
How to influance planning and zoning; for people who are not members of planning commissions, appeals boards
The materials in this section of the web site are geared for those who are citizens, members of neighborhood associations or activist groups who want to learn how to be more effective influencing planning and zoning decisions. 
MSU Extension News Articles and Questions and Answers
MSU Extension News Aricles on planning and Land Use Questions and Answers  
A large part of Extension's service is to respond to email questions on land use, planning, and zoning.  This page contains questions which are among the more common ones received.  



Land Use related links on the World Wide Web.

Old Stuff

Old Stuff

Copies of old (repealed) laws, bulletins, and other out-of-date materials.

Questions and Training

Questions, having trouble finding what you want?
Looking for training for your community or county?

Find a MSU Land Use Educator for your part of the state.


Ask an Expert

Ask a land use question in the form below and a member of the MSU Extension Land Use Team will send you a reply.  Be sure to let us know what community and county you come from - it helps us route your question to the team member best able to answer.


Doing research on the Internet?  

Anyone can put anything on the Internet.  It may or may not be true, it might not be credible. 
Want to know how to research material on the web with a critical eye?

Then visit these web sites: 

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