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The materials here, are written for specifics of planning and land use practices and law in Michigan.
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This Land Use Page is broken down as follows: " Thirty seven million acres 
is all the Michigan 
we will ever have."  
former Governor William G. Milliken.
Land Use Programs
Land Use Programs  
MSU Extension has a long list of training programs on land use.  A listing of those programs is available here .  Some were developed by Kurt Schindler, and they are summarized on the "Land Use Programs" part of this web site.
Land Use PamphletsLand Use Series Land Use Pamphlets  
MSU Extension has developed pamphlets on various land use topics.  Those pamphlets are listed, along with a summary of content here.  Many of the pamphlets can be downloaded as PDF files from this part of this web site.

Schedule of Programs

A calendar of current education program offerings.

How to Influence Planning and Zoning
For people who are not members of planning commissions, appeals boards
The materials in this section of the web site are geared for those who are citizens, members of neighborhood associations or activist groups who want to learn how to be more effective influencing planning and zoning decisions. 
Questions and Answers
Land Use Questions and Answers  
A large part of Extension's service is to respond to email questions on land use, planning, and zoning.  This page contains questions which are among the more common ones received. 


Land Use related links on the World Wide Web.

Old Stuff

Old Stuff

Copies of old (repealed) laws, bulletins, and other out-of-date materials.
2008 Michigan Planning Enabling Act
The Michigan Planning Enabling Act (P.A. 33 of 2008, M.C.L. 125.3801 et seq.) replaces the three old planning enabling acts in Michigan. The Michigan Planning Enabling Act took effect September 1, 2008. Starting on that date planning commissions will need to be following this new act. Compliance will need to be completed on or before July 1, 2011.

2006 Michigan Zoning Enabling Act


2006 Michigan Zoning Enabling Act
The Michigan Legislature adopted P.A. 110 of 2006 (being the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, M.C.L. 125.3101 et seq.). The act replaces the three old zoning enabling acts in Michigan. The Michigan Zoning Enabling Act took effect July 1, 2006. Starting July 1, 2006 planning commissions, zoning boards/commissions, and zoning boards of appeals will have to follow the procedures as required in this new act. By July 1, 2007 local zoning will need to be amended to conform to the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act. Complete compliance will need to be accomplished by July 1, 2011.

2004 Land Use Legislation


2004 Land Use Legislation
Five sets of land use legislation was adopted in December 2003 and early 2004. The legislation is about:

  • Joint Municipal Planning Act
  • Noncontiguous Open Space (PUD and TDR?) Amendments to the state’s three zoning enabling acts.
  • Fast Track Land Bank legislation
  • Blight/Quality of Life enforcement bureaus
  • Brownfields primer, funding, and regulation update.

2001 Plan & Zoning Amendments


2001 Plan & Zoning Amendments  
In late 2001 and early 2002 the state's planning acts received some major amendments.  Also open space requirements were added to the state's zoning enabling statutes. 

Questions, having trouble finding what you want?
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Ask a land use question in the form below and a member of the MSU Extension Land Use Team will send you a reply.  Be sure to let us know what community and county you come from - it helps us route your question to the team member best able to answer.


Doing research on the Internet?  

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